Subject: comments on i386 -1.2BETA snapshot
To: None <port-i386@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Luke Mewburn <>
List: port-i386
Date: 08/27/1996 12:31:30
Success so far with installing -1.2BETA from scratch.

Hardware: 486dx2-66, ECS EM486 EISA m/b, AHA 2742AT (twin channel)
SCSI controller, SMC 8013 ethernet card.

- the SCSI card works, thanks to the ahc driver. Both channels get
  probed. I haven't yet plugged anything into the B channel but I
  intend to play around with devices on both (testing ccd performance
  across multiple busses :)

- the defaults for the ed driver are suboptimal:
	- ed0 (at 280/2/d000) is a non-jumpered position.
	  If it was at 280/3/d000 it would mean that you could use
	  it without softconfig on an 8013 or 8216
	- ed1 (at 250/2/d800) is non-jumpered on an SMC, but I'm
	  told that the 3c503 has it jumpered. it doesn't seem to
	  conflict with any standard stuff so would be good to leave.
	- ed2 (at 300/10/cc00) is a jumpered position (and a common
	  config for a few people I know), but another driver (either
	  wt0 or mcd0 - I forget which) prevents this from working in
	  the GENERIC kernel.
  can we *please* either drop mcd0 in the GENERIC kernel, since
  SMC ethernet cards are more common than Mitsumi CD drives, or
  set ed0 to 280/3/d000 so we don't have to find PC boot disks with
  EZSTART to soft configure SMC 8013/8216's to get the kernel to find it?

More later as I play around