Subject: Re: new /i386 snapshot available
To: Webmaster Jim <>
From: Rob Windsor <>
List: port-i386
Date: 08/25/1996 13:15:51
Verily did Webmaster Jim write:

> Not broken AFAIK, but can you add gzips of the floppies and kernels?

The ftp server automagically gzips it if you specify

   netbsd:/pub/NetBSD/arch/i386/kernels> get gen-oth.krn.gz
   gen-oth.krn.gz:    44K

> } obtw, I think that the aha284x (vlb adaptec) is still misbehaving.  I'll
> } work on building a kernel using the old drivers (blah).

> Yes, please?

Ah, Jason just pulled up the fix.  The next snapshot will have it.

> } If something is broken with these, let me know.

> I've got these installed now, and working fine!  Just wondering if
> libcrypt was accidentally included.  I remember it and friends formerly
> being in secr.tar.gz...

There is an exportable libcrypt that appears in base.tar.gz when someone
builds the world with EXPORTABLE_SYSTEM set.  The libcrypt you are seeing
is the exportable one.

The domestic libcrypt and family will still be in libcrypt in the release,
but I'm not bothering with building that in the snapshots.  Afterall, the
purpose of the snapshot is to help people jump up to the latest rev of

Thanks for bringing this up.  I added a paragraph to the README explaining
that this snapshot is exportable.  (You reminded me of something that I
forgot to do.)

-- Rob
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