Subject: Re: mb_map errors continue...
To: Matthew B. Wood <>
From: Chris G Demetriou <>
List: port-i386
Date: 08/21/1996 20:53:38
> > How often are you seeing that message?  If you're seeing it often,
> > then yes, you probably should up NMBCLUSTERS.  If you're seeing it
> > relatively infrequently, then you probably don't need to.
> Ok, I wasn't seeing any kernel panics or anything nasty with this logged 
> message, but I was a bit concerned.  I'm not seeing it that often.  this 
> is the first time in a couple months, but I didn't expect it after upping 
> to 2048.  By "underconfigured" do you mean I should allocate more buffer 
> space? 

see the text that i previously wrote, above.

"underconfigured" means "configured for less of a load than it's
getting."  In other words, if you're seeing that message relatively
often (e.g. because your machine is a network server that's heavily
pounded), then yes, you should up NMBCLUSTERS.  If you're "not seeing
it that often," then i wouldn't worry about it.