Subject: Re: mb_map errors continue...
To: Matthew B. Wood <>
From: Chris G Demetriou <>
List: port-i386
Date: 08/21/1996 11:24:47
> I upped to 2048 in my last kernel compile:
> options         NMBCLUSTERS=2048
> But I just got this the other day:
> Aug 18 12:31:50 biteme /netbsd: mb_map full

This is _NOT_ an error to be seeing this message.

That message is an indication that your system is underconfigured.
The "error" associated with that message was that, in some
circumstances, that message wouldn't just be printed, it'd cause
a _panic_.  That behavior was bad.

> Should I continue to increase the NMBCLUSTERS value?  Is this the only 
> solution to the problem?

How often are you seeing that message?  If you're seeing it often,
then yes, you probably should up NMBCLUSTERS.  If you're seeing it
relatively infrequently, then you probably don't need to.