Subject: Re: mb_map errors continue...
To: Matthew B. Wood <>
From: Aron T. Roberts <>
List: port-i386
Date: 08/21/1996 01:35:23
On Tue, 20 Aug 1996, Matthew B. Wood wrote:

> But I just got this the other day:
> Aug 18 12:31:50 biteme /netbsd: mb_map full
> Should I continue to increase the NMBCLUSTERS value?  Is this the only 
> solution to the problem?

I just started getting these as well when i friend of mine demontrated a
ctcp flooding bot on my server. The bot basicaly opens 10 irc sessions and
sends a variety of ctcp messages very rapidly. This does not seem like
somethingt that should be crashing a machine.

Not sure if I just made some configuration errors or what the problem may
be but i'd appreciate any pointers to a solution.. I'll be digging around
more tonight.

aron roberts