To: Brian Buhrow <>
From: Ron Roskens <>
List: port-i386
Date: 08/14/1996 01:26:03
Brian Buhrow writes:
> 	Hello NetBSDers.  We are going to be migrating our dual-boot PC labs from
> Linux to NetBSD.  One of the "nice" features of the Linux installation was
> that the boot loader (LILO) would let users type: dos to boot dos and
> "unix" to boot Linux.
> All of the boot loaders that I'm aware of that load NetBSD, autoboot,
> bteasy, etc. use either a numerical digit or a function key to select which
> partition gets booted.  My question is:
> Is there anyone who has made LILO boot NetBSD, without the benefit of
> having any Linux partitions on the disk, or who has put the described
> functionality in another boot loader which we could use in our lab?  If
> not, does anyone have an idea how hard it would be to make LILO work with
> NetBSD as the primary support OS, i.e. as the place to store its
> configuration files.
> 	Any ideas, etc. would be greatly appreciated.

I'd say go with OS-BS v2. Its got a "nice" graphical frontend to the boot
process. You don't necessarily have to type "dos" or "linux" to boot the 
respective OS, rather select it via a menu.

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