Subject: Re: P6 Natoma chipset
To: None <,>
From: Shao Ai Wu <m-sw2360@SPARKY.CS.NYU.EDU>
List: port-i386
Date: 08/13/1996 11:19:53
>>> You may want to buy the DNE model of the motherboard; it's
>>> newer and it's a BABY size.  DNF is a FULL size motherboard
>>> .  The only advantage for DNF is that you can fit any full
>>> length add-on card to it without any problem.
>>Will it take 4 full length PCI cards?

No.  It takes 3 full lenght PCI cards and one half length PCI Card.
The layout of the DNE (baby size) board is pretty much looks like
the DNF (full size) motherboard:                   
            + ram_sock   rvm1 rvm2  +
            + ram_sock   cpu1 cpu2  +
            + 3_pci                 +
            + 1_pci/isa             +
            + 2_isa                 +

The top PCI slot is limited by CPU_1 socket for DNE.  A half
length card should fit.  But all other slots fit full length cards.

Please also note that IT IS NOT 4 PCI 3 ISA as quoted before (also
quoted from Supermicro's spec), but its 3 PCI, 2 ISA, and 1 PCI/ISA
shared (from the picture of the spec that I recieved.).

I noticed two visual differences between DNF and DNE boards (besides
           1.  only one transister with heat-sink for DNE (2 for DNF)
               this transister is for voltage regulators.  I think
               DNE is using a different VRM than DNF.

           2.  2 fiewer "Q"-logic chips for DNE 
               total of 5 for DNE and 7 for DNF.   

> I don't think you want the baby if you're doing this.  Check out the
> full-size model (P6DNF or P6SNF [Dual/Single]):
>  There are pretty pictures if you want to
> see how things are layed out.  You can also check out

I bought the DNF also.  The only problem (if it is a problem) is that
it's difficult to find a case that fits the motherboard; some cases
won't fit even after removing the 3.5" drive bays (because of the
height of the CPU and its heat sink, and the voltage regulators).

I am thinking about getting another DNE board sometime soon.

> I bought my motherboard from Aberdeen, if anyone cares.  They seemed
> fairly knowledgeable and competent.

Agreed.  I check out Aberdeen before but bought my from Megatrend
Technologies  because Megatrend Technologies
is a bit cheaper (also knowledgeable, competent, and friendly as Aberdeen).
I have no connection with either one of them but just a happy customer.