Subject: Re: i386 interrupt counters
To: Michael Graff <>
From: Brian Buhrow <>
List: port-i386
Date: 08/11/1996 23:50:47
	The old interrupts shown with vmstat -i, on I386 on NetBSD 0.9 and 0.9A
show the device which is at the particular interrupt as well.  This would
be a nice feature and would make the vmstat -i more useful, since I can't
always remember which device is at which interrupt.
Here is an example output.

%vmstat -i
interrupt         count     rate
clk irq0       76952025       99
fdc0 irq6             1        0
aha0 irq11      1050840        1
ed2 irq9        2933743        3
Total          80936609      105

On Aug 11,  1:10am, Michael Graff wrote:
} Subject: i386 interrupt counters
} I added in i386 interrupt counters for both the slow and fast interrupt
} hooks in the kernel.  Right now I have the "slow" ones called "intr*"
} and the fast ones called "fast*" but I am open to suggestions on other
} names.
} It is SO nice to see things like this again:
} interrupt         total     rate
} intr0             30741      100
} intr1               111        0
} intr6                 2        0
} intr9               113        0
} intr10            26119       85
} Total             57086      185
} If anyone else wants to try out the changes before I commit them, let me
} know.  If no one makes better suggetions for the interrupt names, they
} will end up as
} 	intr* fast*
} or perhaps
} 	int* fint*
} (I don't want to call them "slow" since the normal interrupt path is the
} usual one from what I can see)
} Also, since int0 is always the clock on a PC, I think, perhaps I should
} just call it that and be done with it?
} --Michael
>-- End of excerpt from Michael Graff