Subject: Re: NetBSD-1.1(i386) + hard-disk
To: Ish Rattan <>
From: Michael Graff <>
List: port-i386
Date: 08/09/1996 19:19:59
Ish Rattan <> writes:

> I have NetBSD-1.1 (i386) running on a Dell machine with 1.6Gb
> eide disk. Before intstalling the system, three partitions were
> made using pfdisk:
>   1. DOS (100Mb)
>   2. NetBSD (800Mb)
>   3. NetBSD (700Mb)

> since the system was/is installed in partiton 2, is there a way
> to make a file system on partition 3 and mount it under the exsiting
> file system OR I have to reinstall it using single partiton of 1500Mb?

If the partitions 2 and 3 are physically on the disk one after the other,
and partition 2 is before 3, you can just use fdisk to edit the partition
information to include both 2 and 3.

You don't want two NetBSD partitions on the same drive.  What you want
to do is have one DOS partition and one NetBSD partition which is the sum
of both 2 and 3, then use the NetBSD disklabel command to chop it up as
you see fit.