Subject: RE: Question regarding supporting AHA-1542CP
To: '' <>
From: Burns, Scott <>
List: port-i386
Date: 08/09/1996 11:23:17
I agree. I have never been able to find much via the query the bugs
database option on the WEB page either. I just FTP back the archives and
grep them at home.


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>Subject: 	RE: Question regarding supporting AHA-1542CP
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>>>From: 	Vince Mammoliti[]
>>>I have been tring for the last few days to get a aha-1542cp to work.
>>>It all works fine except I can not boot using this version of the 
>>>controller. If I pop in a 1542cf all is fine.
>>>Any suggestion ? Anyone ?
>>"It is documented in the lists somewhere a few months ago. You need to
>>build a new kernel as this board returns a device id # outside of the
>>range the aha driver looks for. Search for 1542CP in the archives."
>Search the archives how?  The search engine on the NetBSD web site has
>never been able to find anything the few times I've tried. 
>Anyway, I was able to use my new 1542CP with the stock 1.0_BETA kernel
>by turning off most of the "enhancements" listed under the Advanced Options
>in the SCSIselect utility (and turning the Plug and Pray idiocy off).  This
>may not apply to 1.1 or later, but it's probably worth a try and a lot easier
>than trying to build a new kernel without a system.
>P.S.  Beware of improper seating of long ISA cards.  The cost of error can
>be high.