Subject: RE: Question regarding supporting AHA-1542CP
To: None <,>
From: Max Bell <>
List: port-i386
Date: 08/09/1996 07:26:00
[order of text adjusted to canonical form and edited for brevity]
>>From: 	Vince Mammoliti[]
>>I have been tring for the last few days to get a aha-1542cp to work.
>>It all works fine except I can not boot using this version of the 
>>controller. If I pop in a 1542cf all is fine.
>>Any suggestion ? Anyone ?

>"It is documented in the lists somewhere a few months ago. You need to
>build a new kernel as this board returns a device id # outside of the
>range the aha driver looks for. Search for 1542CP in the archives."

Search the archives how?  The search engine on the NetBSD web site has
never been able to find anything the few times I've tried. 

Anyway, I was able to use my new 1542CP with the stock 1.0_BETA kernel
by turning off most of the "enhancements" listed under the Advanced Options
in the SCSIselect utility (and turning the Plug and Pray idiocy off).  This
may not apply to 1.1 or later, but it's probably worth a try and a lot easier
than trying to build a new kernel without a system.


P.S.  Beware of improper seating of long ISA cards.  The cost of error can
be high.