Subject: Re: install could use some static binaries
To: Phil Knaack <>
From: Terry Moore <>
List: port-i386
Date: 08/08/1996 14:22:09
> 	The user would then just read down this file, understanding the 
> procedure as he goes, filling out fields and continuing, and even going back
> up a few lines and changing answers to fields if later he decides he should
> have answered them differently.
> 	[This was my number one complaint about the install scripts back
> in 1.0 and such, that once you answered a question you couldn't just
> go back and change something. Typing cylinder and disk sizes could be
> very tedious if you had a predilection for number-keypad-typos. :-)] 

Probably a crazy idea, but -- given the ubuiquity of Web Browsers,
what about an HTML form running on, that creates and
posts back to you a completely prepared file suitable for putting on
your install floppy w/ all configuration answers pre-answered?

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