Subject: Re: install could use some static binaries
To: Jonathan Stone <>
From: Scott Reynolds <>
List: port-i386
Date: 08/07/1996 13:50:14
On Wed, 7 Aug 1996, Jonathan Stone wrote:

> >That behaviour may be _useful_, but the inconsistency between it and
> >the behaviour of other system-administration utils that use editing
> >makes it stupid.
> Having to kill an install script and restarting it, in order to change
> editors from a non-present vi to ed is not going to make anyone any
> friends.

You mean one of the ports' install scripts uses disklabel -e?  I'm 
shocked and dismayed.

Note that this really has nothing to do with the issue at hand.  It seems 
to me that it would be relatively trivial to add the code to the i386 
install script to specify an MS-DOS partition (whether mount_msdos can be 
shoehorned in is a different story altogether, though :-).