Subject: Re: Physical memory tests?
To: Jonathan Stone <jonathan@DSG.Stanford.EDU>
From: Don Lewis <>
List: port-i386
Date: 08/03/1996 20:36:23
On Aug 3,  2:56am, Jonathan Stone wrote:
} Subject: Re: Physical memory tests?
} >FYI, there is a chipset from Intel that supports ECC.  Some motherboards
} >that use it also have the support.  I think it's called "Triton-II" on the
} >streets.
} In fact the machine with the memory problem _does_ have a Triton-II
} chipset. Or at least, that's how Linux reports it.

} I don't know if the mboard I have supports ECC. If it did, surely it
} should inform sw of correctable errors.

Only the more recent revisions of the Triton-II chipset support ECC.
The information I have says that you need at least the A2 stepping of
the 82439HX chip, which would be marked SU102 or later.  As near as
I can figure you should use x36 (parity) FPM SIMMs rather than x32
(non-parity) FPM or EDO SIMMs.  There's probably a BIOS setting that
needs to be enabled as well.

} I didn't notice anything in
} NetBSD that supports such notification on x86 machines....

That's probably missing as well.

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