Subject: Re: Anvil Stallion Multiport Card
To: None <>
From: Berndt Josef Wulf <>
List: port-i386
Date: 08/03/1996 16:41:47
Jason Thorpe wrote
> On Sat, 3 Aug 1996 12:11:23 +0930 (CST) 
>  Berndt Josef Wulf <> wrote:
>  > is the Stallion (ANVIL) Multiport Card supported? If so, what do
>  > I need to do, or were do I find the neccessary patches?
>  > 
>  > Many thanks in advance
> NetBSD doesn't have one, yet.  However, FreeBSD does, and it should be 
> relatively easy to port.

thanks for your reply..., I will have a look into FreeBSD's port of
the Stallion board, although not being a programmer I understand basic
programming principles hence need some guidance ;)

Would someone be able to tell me what's required to port a device from
FreeBSD to NetBSD, or alternatively point me to an FAQ describing such
a process?

Again, many thanks in advance...

cheerio Berndt
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