Subject: Re: Anyone have Linux Netscape working?
To: Brad Spencer <>
From: Jeff Thieleke <>
List: port-i386
Date: 04/29/1996 07:55:23
> Has anyone been able to get the Linux Netscape 2.01 binary to function
> with NetBSD-current 1.1B [supped and compiled on 4/27].  I'v only been
> able to get it to drop core when trying to access a page with Java
> stuff on it.

I haven't tried 2.01, but Atlas PR1 & PR2 seem to work fine.  But I have 
never been able to get Java to work, at all, with either the BSD/OS or 
Linux versions...

Maybe you need a newer Linux libc?
  schnauzer# ldd-linux /usr/local/bin/netscape
 (DLL Jump 4.5pl26) => /lib/

Jeff Thieleke