Subject: Re: Network Configuration
To: Steve Roberts <>
From: Wayne Berke <>
List: port-i386
Date: 04/28/1996 11:11:01
In message <>, Steve Roberts writes:
> Hi All,
> Thanks to everybody who replied to my telnetd prob.
> Here comes another.
> Configuring my small network.
> I have totally stuffed up my network. Originally it was configured as a
> secondary DNS attached to my work network. Prob is that this took ages
> to boot when disconnected from this network. I tried my best to
> reconfigure my network but all has failed.
> If anyone can tell me the way to set things back to the NetBSD machine
> being the DNS and connecting one machine to it I would be a very happy
> chap !.

You probably want either to run either resolver-only or with cache-only

Check out the excellent O'Reilly book on BIND and DNS if you don't know
how to do this.  BTW, this really isn't a port-specific question.  You'd
get a better response posting to netbsd-help.