Subject: Pentium + 256k pipelined cache
To: None <>
From: Nathaniel D. Daw <>
List: port-i386
Date: 04/26/1996 14:31:56
I have 256k pipelined cache on my pentium (ASUS P55TP4XE motherboard) and
as far as I know it's enabled (that is, I don't know any way to turn it
off) and I don't have any problems with gcc. What kind of errors are you
seeing? I do know that gcc is very sensitive to memory problems, and
particularly is rumored to crash with "internal compiler error" if your
simms are too slow (> 60ns for a P100 with some motherboards) or in any
way flaky. The linux people have a web page about gcc/memory problems, but
it is somewhat alarmist, as "internal compiler error" can happen for
purely software reasons as well. Sorry I don't have the URL, but there's a
big fight about it going on over on comp.linux.misc.

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