Subject: NetBSD 1.1 crashes when it's out of VM?
To: Craig Metz <>
From: David Gilbert <>
List: port-i386
Date: 04/24/1996 18:16:36
>>>>> "Craig" == Craig Metz <> writes:

Craig> 	I have a 386 box with NetBSD 1.1 (release) installed. I am
Craig> trying to build a kernel with debugging symbols on this machine
Craig> (long story). When the build gets to the final link phase, the
Craig> system starts paging like mad (which is understandable -- the
Craig> machine has 8MB of physical memory). After a short while,
Craig> though, the chugging stops. At this point, the machine is
Craig> basically dead. The console driver still seems to be working,
Craig> but nothing in user space appears to be running and ^C won't
Craig> kill ld. My guess is that NetBSD is running out of VM (a kernel
Craig> link takes a lot of VM, debugging symbols surely don't help)
Craig> and then not dealing with this very gracefully.

Craig> 	Is this a known and/or fixed problem?

Craig> 	(I can build kernels w/o debug symbols fine, so building first
Craig> from a fixed snapshot is feasable)

	While I have had problems with ld core dumping that I have not
solved, My 386/40 also has 8Mb of memory, and 20 Mb of swap.  This
seems to be enough to build a kernel.


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