Subject: Re: Intel EtherExpress 16bit ethernet card
To: None <>
From: Michael Graff <>
List: port-i386
Date: 04/24/1996 18:57:35
>I am trying to install the NetBSD 1.1 kernal and it recognizes everythin=
>g but
>my ethernet card and my CDROM (IDE).  The CDROM is A Sony 2x (CDU550 I
>believe), that's not my concern.  It doesn't recognize my ethernet at al=
>l.  Is
>that driver missing from the general 1.1 kernal?  If so, where can I get=
> a
>kernal with it?

1.1 does not support IDE CDROM's.  Nor does current, but that is
``close'' to working I think.

As for the ethernet card, I'm not certain if that one is supported
either.  Check the install docs or the www pages?

>Another thing; what sort of licensing agreements must I go through to
>use NetBSD in a UNiversity setting as a WWW/FTP/SMTP server? 

None.  It's free.


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