Subject: Re: telnetd prob !
To: Steve Roberts <>
From: Nathan J Williams <>
List: port-i386
Date: 04/22/1996 12:56:14
   I have finally got my NetBSD system attached to something else, being my
   Windows music machine. I wish to use the NetBSD system as a NFS server. But
   the problem at hand is when I try to telnet to the Netbsd machine I get the
   message "telnetd: All network ports in use.". There is probably a simple
   answer to this one !. Some help please !

	You may not have pty/tty devices in /dev. Look in /dev for
files named ptyp0 through ptyqf and ttyp0 through ttyqf. If you don't
have them, run './MAKEDEV pty' as root while in /dev. This should
create the necessary files for network connections and related stuff.

	- Nathan	<>