Subject: Re: scsi card
To: Charles M. Hannum <mycroft@MIT.EDU>
From: Jordan K. Hubbard <>
List: port-i386
Date: 04/21/1996 05:35:49
> Wolfgang's driver works `just fine' in some machines -- and in others
> barely works at all.  It's simply not reliable.
> > The NCR worked very well - never a single
> > problem with it.
> On your machine.

Which also isn't running NetBSD, it should also be reminded. :-)

I don't know what the status of Wolfgang's driver is, but he abandoned
the FreeBSD driver long ago and ever since then Stefan Esser has
supported it for us.  Under FreeBSD, what he maintains certainly works
for the great majority, not just "some" of the NCR users.