Subject: Re: scsi card
To: Paul Apprich <>
From: Michael L. VanLoon -- <>
List: port-i386
Date: 04/20/1996 12:14:29
>> 	Can anyone recommend a good ISA SCSI card?  Thanks a lot.

>	Adaptec AHA-1540CF (w/o floppy), AHA-1542CF (w/ floppy). 
>               bus-mastering scsi-2 host adapters

Uh, these are good cards if you want VERY SLOW performance.  I would
only recommend using one of these if you already own one and you CAN'T
afford to buy something better.  Not to mention, until it gets fixed,
NetBSD can't use one of these cards with more than 16MB of memory in
your machine.

You should ALWAYS try to get a card for a 32-bit bus (PCI, EISA, VLB)
before settling for an ISA card.  The performance will be much
improved, and there is no problem with using any amount of memory you

>        Always Technology IN-2000 SCSI host

Is there a NetBSD driver for this?

Once again, BusLogic is the best alternative to Adaptec.  Both
BusLogic and Adaptec make PCI, EISA, and VLB SCSI controllers.
Anything that is compatible with these two would be OK, too, as long
as it supports the 32-bit busses, but you should be very careful.

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