Subject: Re: Buslogic 946?
To: Jim Rees <>
From: Michael L. VanLoon -- <>
List: port-i386
Date: 04/18/1996 00:12:27
>Will the Buslogic 946 work with the 1.1 kernel?  The INSTALL doc says:
>  BusLogic 445, 74x, 9xx  (But not the new "FlashPoint" series
>  of BusLogic SCSI adapters)
>What's a FlashPoint series?


Yes, the BT946 (PCI fast SCSI2), BT956 (PCI fast/wide SCSI2), and
BT958 (PCI fast/wide/ultra SCSI2/3) work great with NetBSD.  These are
what I like to call BT742-based cards, since they all basically use
the same API as was originally designed on the BT742.

The FlashPoint series is similar in design to the Adaptec 29xx cards,
from what I can tell.  It has a totally different processor and
interface, and there has not been any code written for free unix
systems that I know of, yet, to drive these cards.

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