Subject: Re: Config File / Kernel Building
To: None <>
From: Robert Kennedy <robert@Theory.Stanford.EDU>
List: port-i386
Date: 04/15/1996 23:07:20
> I'm trying to setup swapping on my second drive.  I was told I have
> to change:
> 'config netbsd swap generic' to 
> 'config      netbsd  root on sd0 swap on sd0 and sd1 and sd2'
> ...
> When I do this, I get a linker error: 
> 'autoconf.o: Undefined symbol `_setconf' referenced from text segment'
> ...
> ... what does 'options GENERIC' do, and should I be
> using "DUMMY_NOPS"?

You hit the nail on the head. Comment 'options GENERIC' out of your
config file. I think it's separate from the "swap on blah blah" string
because there's no way for the latter to conveniently control a
compile-time macro, and there's no easy way for the former to
conveniently control the swap config stuff. I'm talking through my
hat, of course, because I just started trying to learn about config a
week ago. But one thing I know: Comment out 'options GENERIC' and your
link will work fine, and your kernel will boot happily. At least it
worked for me.

Incidentally, I discovered this solution by looking at the source
code. The only reference to setconf() was inside
#ifdef GENERIC

And furthermore, this was the only use of the GENERIC macro, so I
believe commenting out 'options GENERIC' is safe.

	-- Robert Kennedy