Subject: Re: Journey into Hell
To: Nathaniel D. Daw <>
From: Dave McGuire <>
List: port-i386
Date: 04/13/1996 16:45:40
On April 13, you wrote:
> speaking of which, how about making the mailing list archives searchable,
> maybe via the web server? I can't think how many problems I've run into,
> then been able to solve just by grepping through some port-i386 that I keep
> locally. And how many of _other people's_ problems I read about on the list
> that could have been solved similarly.

  That would _definitely_ be neat.  I recently used the CNIDR zdist
package (a wais package) to build a usenet news search engine.  It's a
weird package (IMHO) but it works very well for my application.  Their
stock parser code understands mail messages right out of the box.

  A clone of my configuration, nearly unmodified, would work very well
for this I think.

                   -Dave McGuire