Subject: Re: Journey into Hell
To: Terry Moore <>
From: Andreas Wrede <>
List: port-i386
Date: 04/12/1996 13:11:49
David Hopper wrote:
> Unfortunately, the EE16 has _no_ jumpers.  None at all; it's all softset.  It's
> ironic that the installation kernel that contains the EE16 driver has it set to
> an IRQ that is _not an option_ for the card.  Perhaps a PR is in order...

See "port-i386/2303: IRQ 7 bad choice fori Intel EtherExpress cards" of April 6. The
diffs are attached to the bug report.

> > Get someone to send you a properly configured kernel via email;
> > use tar on the amiga to put the kernel on a tar floppy; boot the
> > kcoth11.fs kernel; install it on the hard drive (without net support);
> > boot it; install the tar floppy; untar the new kernel on top of netbsd;
> > sync & reboot.  That's how I've done this in the past.
> Ouch.  Thanks much, though, for the advice.  I'll have to either make new friends
> fast, or redouble my efforts on FreeBSD, leaving my NetBSD experience to more, shall
> we say, 'logical' hardware.  ;^)

You can find a GENERICADP kernel with ie0's IRQ set to 10 in

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