Subject: Re: Journey into Hell
To: Terry Moore <>
From: David Hopper <>
List: port-i386
Date: 04/11/1996 16:48:44
> > The default INSTOTHER kernel contains a driver for the Intel Etherexpress that 
> > is hard-coded to 0x360, IRQ 7.  There is _no way_ to set the EE16 to IRQ 7 via 
> > softset.exe.  It's just not available.  Joe Etherexpress 16, needing to access 
> > the NetBSD distribution through FTP or NFS, is out of luck.
> [...]
> I plugged the net card into the extender card, and
> then jumpered IRQx (the kernel IRQ) to IRQy (the actual IRQ output)
> on the net card.  

Unfortunately, the EE16 has _no_ jumpers.  None at all; it's all softset.  It's
ironic that the installation kernel that contains the EE16 driver has it set to
an IRQ that is _not an option_ for the card.  Perhaps a PR is in order...

And merely setting the IO port correctly, leaving the IRQ as is results in the
message "ie0: Unknown AT&T Board ID 14"  "ie0: fatal: IRQ 3 doesn't match kernel 
config" or somesuch nonsense.

> Get someone to send you a properly configured kernel via email;
> use tar on the amiga to put the kernel on a tar floppy; boot the 
> kcoth11.fs kernel; install it on the hard drive (without net support);
> boot it; install the tar floppy; untar the new kernel on top of netbsd;
> sync & reboot.  That's how I've done this in the past.

Ouch.  Thanks much, though, for the advice.  I'll have to either make new friends
fast, or redouble my efforts on FreeBSD, leaving my NetBSD experience to more, shall 
we say, 'logical' hardware.  ;^)

> --Terry