Subject: DDD and Linux emulation.
To: None <port-i386@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Jesus M. Gonzalez <>
List: port-i386
Date: 04/11/1996 13:25:26

	I'm trying tu run a Linux version of DDD (the graphical
user interface to gdb) on NetBSD-1.1/i386 without success.
It seems that a syscall is not implemented by the Linux emulation...
Can anyone confirm this impression? Anyone know if that's
fixed in -current?

	And, speaking of DDD, has anybody compiled it statically for
NetBSD (since it nedds Motif, and we have no Motif license here,
I cannot do it myself)? Is anyone willing to do it?

	Thanks in advance,


PS: Some data about the linix version:

hola(jgb)-ddd> file ddd-1.4b-i486-unknown-linux
ddd-1.4b-i486-unknown-linux: ELF 32-bit LSB executable, Intel 80386, version 1
hola(jgb)-ddd> /emul/linux/usr/bin/ldd ddd-1.4b-i486-unknown-linux
        statically linked (ELF)
hola(jgb)-ddd> ./ddd-1.4b-i486-unknown-linux
Bad system call

	Results of a ktrace:

   460 ktrace   RET   ktrace 0
   460 ktrace   CALL  execve(0xf7bfd95d,0xf7bfd8e8,0xf7bfd8f0)
   460 ktrace   NAMI  "./ddd-1.4b-i486-unknown-linux"
   460 ddd-1.4b-i486-un EMUL  "linux"
   460 ddd-1.4b-i486-un RET   oldolduname 0
   460 ddd-1.4b-i486-un CALL  personality(0)
   460 ddd-1.4b-i486-un RET   personality 0
   460 ddd-1.4b-i486-un CALL  brk(0)
   460 ddd-1.4b-i486-un RET   brk 137211904/0x82db000
(... lots of lines apparently normal)
   460 ddd-1.4b-i486-un RET   read 107/0x6b
   460 ddd-1.4b-i486-un CALL  lseek(0x4,0xffffffd3,0x1)
   460 ddd-1.4b-i486-un RET   lseek 62/0x3e
   460 ddd-1.4b-i486-un CALL  close(0x4)
   460 ddd-1.4b-i486-un RET   close 0
   460 ddd-1.4b-i486-un CALL  [146]
   460 ddd-1.4b-i486-un PSIG  SIGSYS SIG_DFL

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