Subject: Re: Recent serial problems
To: John M Vinopal <>
From: Phil Knaack <>
List: port-i386
Date: 04/09/1996 13:54:59
John M Vinopal <> suggested
	in a personal mail:

>it'd be useful if you'd provide a serial # on the com.c you're using.

	Oh yeah. :)

/*      $NetBSD: com.c,v 1.61 1995/07/04 06:47:18 mycroft Exp $ */

	This is the last version that worked on my serial port, and the
one I've been updating to keep my serial ports from dropping characters.
If I use:

/*      $NetBSD: com.c,v 1.77 1996/03/17 13:38:14 cgd Exp $     */

it no longer works.

	Which would lead me to believe that there are several versions
in between ..

	Could someone possibly provide me with several of the intermediate
versions so I could hack them in as well and figure out where the change
that broke it snuck in?

Phillip F Knaack     
Database Programmer, NCREMP    Student Development Group
ISU Extension                  Project Vincent, Iowa State University