Subject: Re: More on SCSI timeouts during installation
To: Amir Rosenblatt <>
From: Justin T. Gibbs <>
List: port-i386
Date: 04/05/1996 11:04:13
>On Fri, 5 Apr 1996, Justin T. Gibbs wrote:
>> What kind of motherboard are you using?
>ASUSTek P/I-P55TP4XE  (PCI ISA & MediaBus, Pentium-75/90/100/120/133/150 
>MHz Mainboard withon board PCI Bus Master IDE and Super Multi-I/O).
>	-Amir

I don't think that the interrupt is properly being registered.  Can you
even boot DOS on this thing?  Perhaps its your PnP settings in the BIOS?

Justin T. Gibbs
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