Subject: SCSI disk timeout during install
To: None <netbsd-help@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Amir Rosenblatt <>
List: port-i386
Date: 04/03/1996 11:15:32
I attempted installing NetBSD-1.1 on my PC last night.  It saw both my 
disks and my tape drive on bootup but timed out trying to actually write 
a label to the first disk.  The following is my configuration:

Intel P120
Adaptec 2940W SCSI card (SCSI ID 7)
2 Seagate 32550W 2.1 gig Baraccudas (SCSI IDs 0 and 1)
HP Jetstore 8 gig DAT drive (SCSI ID 3)

The 'cudas have centronics style scsi connectors while the JetStore has 
the more traditional style of connector.  Due to the default termination 
setup of the card (which is such that I can't use both internal 
connectors simultaneously) and my current lack of software to change the 
card's BIOS in that respect (I'm ordering it from Adaptec today), the 
'cudas are plugged into the external Centronics style connector of the 
card while the JetStore is plugged into the internal traditional SCSI 

The boot messages indicate that NetBSD sees the card, both 'cudas and the 
JetStore.  I tell it how I want the first disk (sd0) partitioned and 
everything seems fine.  However, when I tell it to actually go ahead and 
install, it times out trying to wrote the label to the disk.  I get a 
series of timeouts as it tries to write the label, then it tries to set 
up / and gets a bunch of timeouts there.  At this point I rebooted the 
machine (It never actually reported that it had been successful at 
writing the label or creating the partition.  I tried powering down, 
disconnecting the DAT drive from the scsi chain and then installing and 
got the same errors.

Any suggestions?