Subject: Re: Motherboard recommendations?
To: Ted Lemon <>
From: Mike Wlodarczyk <>
List: port-i386
Date: 07/25/1995 16:37:56
Ted Lemon wrote:
> The ASUS PCI/I-486SP3G board that I'm using supports both the '486 and
> the Pentium, and has three PCI slots in addition to four ISA slots,
> plus on-board PCI, IDE and Floppy controllers, two serial ports and a
> parallel port.   I don't know about the speed tradeoff of using this
> board with a Pentium.   One thing you should consider is whether you
> can move your SIMMs to the new board - my board requires you to add
> 72-pin SIMMs two at a time, for a wider memory bus.

The SP3G supposedly will take the Pentium Overdrives (P24T/D), but from
reading the ASUS newsgroup, it doesn't work. At least in the one and only
thread on the subject that I've seen.

As for the slot configuration, one is shared, so you only get 3 ISA / 3 PCI,
or 4 ISA / 2 PCI.

And the IDE is not enhanced, though the onboard PCI NCR810 works well.

Overall, it seems like a quality board.

> NetBSD-1.0 is running happily on my motherboard, although I've heard
> of some problems with rebooting on some ASUS boards populated with
> Pentiums in -current.  I haven't been able to upgrade yet because this

I've noted that one of my machines (the SP3G) won't reboot with the keyboard
toggle trick but will on the IDT trick. And my P54TP4 system won't reboot
with the pmap trick but works with the keyboard toggle. Perhaps some #ifndefs
around the first two reboot tricks would help people deselect them from a
kernel config file rather than having to hack the source.
Mike Wlodarczyk