Subject: Re: Netscape / Mosaic for 1.0?
To: Brian Moore <>
From: Wayne Berke <>
List: port-i386
Date: 07/24/1995 08:26:57
In message <>, Brian Moore writes:
> Don't know about the Linux version, but I use the unknown-bsd Netscape 1.1
> binary and it works fine.  It'll complain about not being able to use uname,
> but it does start-up and I haven't run into any major problems.  Just make su
> re
> that you put the nls directory into your /usr/X386/lib/X11 directory or else
> you won't be able to paste into any dialogs without crashing.  
> OK, so there was one problem ... :)

Thanks, Brian, that one's been bugging me for a while :-).  By the way,
does anyone know how to set the defaults for the print widget?  I get
tired of having to type in my PostScript filter each time.