Subject: Re: less vs. PCVT
To: Matthias Scheler <>
From: Hellmuth Michaelis <>
List: port-i386
Date: 07/19/1995 11:29:32
>From the keyboard of Matthias Scheler:

> if I use "less" with the PCVT console(*) the line scrolling doesn't work
> (if I press RETURN the display isn't changed). Is "$TERM = vt100" the
> correct setting?
> (*) PCVT taken from 950717 sup sources

1) i've not seen anyone updated pcvt in the source tree to the latest
   pcvt 3.30 release, so i suspect pcvt 3.00 is still in the tree.
   Compared to pcvt 3.30, the release in the source tree is totally
   buggy, i recommend upgrading to pcvt 3.30. I've put pcvt 3.30 into
   the incoming dir of as pcvt-330.tar.gz a week or so

2) the correct termcap entry would be vt220 since pcvt is emulating that
   terminal almost completely, although vt100 should work also because
   vt100 is a subset of vt220.

I've working with less versions 177 ... 290 without problems with pcvt 3.30.

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