Subject: SlIP dial-up script and other doubts
To: None <port-i386@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Ricardo Ferraro Gilaberte da Silva <>
List: port-i386
Date: 07/07/1995 08:08:34

 I'm using the following step to make an SLIP connection to my internet service provider (IP=

 1) Entering kermit and configuring it (set line, set modem, ...)
 2) Direct connect to the modem (connect) and doing manual call (at...) and connection
 3) Backing to kermit (CTRL+\, SHIFT+C) keeping the Terminal Connection On.
 4) Running slattach -h -s9600 /dev/tty01 inside kermit (run ...)
 5) Running ifconfig sl0 inet <the dinamic IP address received> netmask (run ...)
 6) Running Route add default (run ...)

 all seems fine as I receive one dinamic IP address from the host and get no negative response (except from route who tells me that I've already have that address) at any point from the commands.

 Some doubts:

 1) Do I have to use slattach: before or after ifconfig ?
 2) I should not have the IP address inside /etc/hosts, should I ?

 3) When I enter "ftp" and try "open <the dinamic IP address received>", ftp stops for a long time and I stay with no answer. Telnet has the same behavior echoing to me just "Trying <the dinamic IP address received>". Do I have to "open" the first (dinamic IP) or the second ( IP address, used before with ifconfig, inside ftp ?

 4) Route connect the IP address, linked with sl0 interface by ifconfig, to the kernel's routing table. What does this mean ? Why is this necessary ?

 Thanks for help !