Subject: Re: Rebooting trouble?
To: None <>
From: Terry Moore <>
List: port-i386
Date: 07/02/1995 13:26:21
Matthew B. Wood said:
> Anyone have trouble with the rebooting call on NetBSD1.0?  I have a 486 DX 
> and after a fastboot or halt, the screen will echo "rebooting..." but no 
> reboot.  

I have three ostensibly identical "Inteva" 486DX-100 machines, running
identical kernels (NetBSD 1.0), with apparently identical motherboards
and BIOSes (same date codes on BIOS, but I've not done a byte-by-byte
comparison).  One of the three machines prints the "rebooting..." message
and hangs.  The other two work fine.  My conclusion is that there is
a timing problem either with the reboot code or with the bad motherboard.
Since others see this, I reckon that there is marginal timing someplace
in the code that causes the reboot.  I assume that we use the keyboard
controller to do this, though I've not found the module that does this.
All I've found is that cpu_reset unmaps the entire address space (in
vm_machdep.c) and evidently causes a fault in an attempt to 
reset the processor.  I wonder whether this is not too clever by half....
But since this has changed in 1.0A, this is probably irrelevant.

--Terry Moore	(