Subject: Re: LBA adressing ?
To: None <>
List: port-i386
Date: 07/01/1995 22:38:15
   Is it  correct that -current kernels    for NetBSD/i386
   use LBA adressing as default ?
   I`m trying to boot the INST-10A kernel from may 25 on
   a PC with 540meg IDE disk and cannot acces the hd (device wd0x
   not configured, but reported on bootup. disklabel shows
   correct partition table but instead of FS types only "unused").
   This problem does not occur with  the 1.0 disk set.
   The only difference I can see at startup is that the 1.0A kernel
   wants to use "16 bit PIO, LBA adressing", the 1.0 not.
<I'm not sure how you could correlate the two, especially since there
<is no correlation.  The -current disk drivers will not allow you to
<open a partition other than `d' if its type is FS_UNUSED.  You need to
<fix your partition table.

I haven't set up the machine in question for the first time, but
after repartitioning the drive and using an up to date newfs
everything went fine.
The PC is now running -current as of June 23 ( 22 ?).
My fault, sorry.

           thanks for all help