Subject: Re: for , re XView
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From: Rob Windsor <>
List: port-i386
Date: 05/24/1995 04:35:05

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Verily did John Kohl write:

> Subject: Re: Your XVIEW Port.

> The XView stuff should work fine under an X11R6 server, and with X11R6
> libraries (I think that's how I compiled it last time around).

I tried to compile the xview v3.2p1 earlier this month, and ran into
nothing but problems.

Then I decided to grab the FreeBSD patch-set and installed that (renaming
everything "FreeBSD" to "NetBSD" of course).  Still nothing but problems.

One of the problems that I was having was that __NetBSD__ was getting
undefined (pre-processor things were sifting out code that had 
#ifdef __NetBSD__ in it and was acting on the trailing #else information).

I have grabbed the xview pre-compiled bins off of, but
haven't installed them yet (I want to compile this on -current).

If the person(s) who compiled this on NetBSD/i386 is reading this list,
I would be very much interested in getting a diff-set from you.

If someone else has anything that could shed light on what might be
causing this, I'd be happy to entertain e-mail.

(again, please redirect followups to this to

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