Subject: Re: RAM probing .vs. CMOS values
To: Andrew Gillham <>
From: Mark F Willey <>
List: port-i386
Date: 05/24/1995 10:25:15
"In a previous message, Andrew Gillham wrote:"
> I have 2 Dell EISA machines with > 16MB, but NetBSD only
> sees 16MB.  The problem is that the CMOS extended memory
> values are incorrectly updated on the Dell.  I complained
> to Dell, and their response is attached below.  Basically
> it looks like the correct way to do it is to probe for
> the actual RAM instead of trusting the CMOS.  I notice

I have the same problem on my Gateway 2000, circa several years ago.  I had
to disable shadow BIOS.  It wasn't just the OS that couldn't see the extra
RAM - the BIOS couldn't see it unless it was non-shadowed.  I suppose
shadowing the BIOS and then actually probing for memory would be the best
solution for me.  If I make progress, I will let you know.

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