Subject: Re: "DMA x not finished" messages from sb driver
To: None <port-i386@NetBSD.ORG>
From: None <>
List: port-i386
Date: 05/24/1995 21:26:26
I forgot to mention that 'x' in the error message represents either 1
or 3, the two drqs of the Soundblasters installed.  He's getting both
messages even though one Soundblaster is only being read and the other
is only being written.

I wrote:
> A friend has NetBSD-current-May15 set up with two Soundblaster Pros
> for full-duplex audio.  His particular application continuously reads
> from /dev/audio, does FFTs on the input, and (usually) copies this
> directly to /dev/audio2.  This is all on a 386/25 w/387.
> While this is happening, he gets "DMA x not finished" messages on the
> console every minute or two.  Interestingly, the audio sounds fine
> except for some slight gaps in the first few samples sent out.
> Various tweaking with buffer sizes, and low & high water mark (for the
> playing audio board), makes no difference.

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