Subject: Re: Motif available?
To: Dave Cornejo <>
From: None <>
List: port-i386
Date: 05/16/1995 14:19:16
Hello Peoples...

[the has been changed to]

Firstly, thank you to the person who was considerate enough to send this 
to us. Usenet threads can ramble on for a while and at least now we can
get involved. (What's the old joke ; "You should never let facts get in
the way of a good post"...)

> Helmut Wirth wrote:
> > Here are two email addresses to reach them:
> > 
> > Europe:
> > US and Canada:
> > 
> > They have anonymous ftp too:
> Avoid these people.  In the FreeBSD group someone posted about
> problems with their products not working and their lack of support and
> unkept promises.  My own personal experience is that their distributor
> sold me a copy of 1.2.3 for NetBSD 1.0 that has *never* worked.
> Repeated promises to fix this have been unfulfilled.  Several other
> people wrote me and complained of similarly bad experiences.
We are not sure why this NetBSD version has never worked and will have
to dig round to find out why. The NetBSD port is one that will come, 
but after the FreeBSD port(s).  There are plans for a more integrated
NetBSD product that would do for the non-Intel platforms as well. 

> Their primary product is a Linux port, FreeBSD and NetBSD seem to be
> sidelines as every time I have been given an excuse for why the
> promised fix had not been delivered I was told that the Linux port had
> intervened.  I have no confidence that they have suddenly had a change
> of heart.
There is a new FreeBSD 2.x port in existance now and an upgrade coming
as soon as WC release the CD. Expect to see this product on CD-ROM.

The FreeBSD port is *not* a sideline, it's just that we had more interest
in the Linux version. FreeBSD is a better porting as apart from 
anything else it has been tested and does not change daily. 

If anyone connected to the problem is on this email list (we have sent if 
back to all one the CC list)  :

We formally apologise to all concerned about the problems that seem to 
have been  cause by the lack of NetBSD development and anything connected
with the FreeBSD release. There *is* a FreeBSD release avaialble and 
a new version coming (on CD) asap. There is a commitement to the FreeBSD
version. NetBSD will come a couple of weeks later and may be on CD depending
on the level of interest. 


If anyone has a specific issue, please email us directly. With the proliferation
of news groups, it's hard to read all of them all the time.

If this has gone back to a mail-list, apologies to all concerned and please
let us know how we can attach to the list.


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