Subject: Re: Motif available?
To: Helmut Wirth <>
From: Helmut Wirth <>
List: port-i386
Date: 05/12/1995 09:59:18
I forgot to mention two things:

First, I think they only support i386-architectures.

Second, they _have_ a FreeBSD-port currently available, I saw it, but there is some
ugly patching to do for NetBSD (1.0, current) and I am not sure, it will really work.
The reasons for this: FreeBSD has different magic numbers in its shared libraries, so the is _not_ recognized by the system. If you patch the first longword
(magic number part) then it seems to work. Additionally FreeBSD uses a locale package
different from NetBSD. You have to grab this, translate it and link it in for static and
for dynamic executables. The mwm shipped with the package is _not_ recognized by the system
because of different magic numbers.

The program 'file' does _not_ recognize any FreeBSD-specific things. If we cannot execute
FreeBSD-binaries and/or use libraries, we should at least correctly identify them.

If one needs MOTIF really desparately, he could try it with the FreeBSD-port, but I would
_not_ recommand it. If somebody wants to try, write to me for help.
I, personally, will wait for the NetBSD-port.