Subject: Re: Crash recovery floppy with "restore" for 1.0?
To: None <, port-i386@NetBSD.ORG>
From: John F. Woods <>
List: port-i386
Date: 05/07/1995 14:09:36
> About two weeks ago, mentioned a "Crunched fixit" disk
> and asked if anyone had one.  I hadn't seen any previous mention of it in
> the "port-i386" archives, but if it's what I think it sounds like, I'd like
> to ask for something very similar ...

While a convenient way to build a fixit disk would definitely be nice, I'd
like to put in a word for my own technique for safe and effective crash
recovery.  I keep a spare root partition on another drive!  It can be as
small as ten megabytes, which on a 340M disk is scarcely noticable, but
makes it *very* easy to recover from a curdled root (and if you make the
second drive bootable, you can even recover from a completely toasted sd0).
If you have only one drive, you can still put a backup root on a small
partition of the same drive, though that doesn't give you quite as much

While we're talking about floppies, I think the current boot-floppy build
process may need work; I recently (two weeks ago?) tried to build an
installation set for someone who wanted to update from 0.9, and after I
got around minor irritations like "halt" no longer existing, found that
the upgrade floppies appeared to toast his system.  (Unfortunately, I wasn't
actually present when the toasting occurred, so I cannot give a truly useful
report, but pilot error isn't (necessarily) the top cause on the list, since
he's fairly sharp.)  Has anyone else recently tried building and using
install floppies?  [He was eventually able to recover by installing from
the 1.0 distribution floppies, and then installing the -current tape I made.]