Subject: Crash recovery floppy with "restore" for 1.0?
To: None <port-i386@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Greg Earle <>
List: port-i386
Date: 05/05/1995 22:00:52
About two weeks ago, mentioned a "Crunched fixit" disk
and asked if anyone had one.  I hadn't seen any previous mention of it in
the "port-i386" archives, but if it's what I think it sounds like, I'd like
to ask for something very similar ...

You may recall when we last left Our Hero, he had reformatted his SCSI drive
with the bad spots causing it "media error" problems.  In the interim, the
original IDE drive had been reattached, and DOS/Windows re-installed on said
IDE drive as C:, with the 1st 400 Mb of the SCSI drive now dubbed D: and
the remaining 605 Mb awaiting the restoration of Our Hero's NetBSD 1.0 setup.

Thanks to the tip (thanks, John!) about OS-BS 2.0 beta 8 (Still beta 8 since
1993?  What is this, Kerberos V or something ... (-: ), I'm all ready for
action once I can get my NetBSD setup back onto the SCSI disk.

And therein lies the rub.  Having a bad disk spot, I did what every "smart"
person does - made a full level 0 backup dump tape of each NetBSD partition
before reformatting.

So now I'll just boot from the KCAHA-10.FS floppy and insert the INST-10.FS
floppy and escape out of the install to the shell, and I'll just fire up a
quick "restore" to grab my old disktab file so I can re-"disklabel" the disk,
get those mkfs's rolling and another full "restore" from the backup tape ...

Urp.  No "restore" on INST-10.FS.  Aieeee!!!

Now, I see there's 53 Kb free space remaining on the INST-10.FS floppy.  And
the 1.0 "restore" is 176 Kb.  What's a mother to do?

So ....

Has anyone dropped down into (on a 1.0 system) /usr/src/distrib/i386/floppies
and twiddled inst-common/instbin.conf to remove some of the stuff needed for
installation but not necessarily for crash recovery (e.g., "gawk"; maybe some
others like "slattach" and "strings" and "tip" - although I could see a case
where someone might want to try and SLIP or tip out to another host to get
some needed files, so I dunno) and replaced them with "restore"?  It seems
like such a floppy would be just the ticket for these kinds of Coffee
Acheiver moments ...

(I'd do it myself, but since my only NetBSD/i386 system at my disposal is this
 very same one that's in need of it, I've got this cart before the horse
 problem ... :-( )

My only other choice is to get "restore" onto the DOS C: partition.  I have it
on there, but to mount it, I need a disktab entry for the IDE drive.  As this
IDE disk is only 124 Mb - and it's not SCSI - can I use the "real" geometry to
make a stab at this?  And if I can successfully "mount -r -t msdos" the DOS
C:  partition, can I run a valid NetBSD binary out of it directly?  Since
there won't be any space on the INST-10.FS floppy I've booted from, I can't
just "cp" it anywhere ...

Any suggestions?

	- Greg