Subject: Re: pb with com port , pppd and tip on NetBSD 1.0
To: Thierry Leconte <>
From: Terry Moore <>
List: port-i386
Date: 05/05/1995 20:13:24
> pppd and tip block during the open of the /dev/ttyxx
> I added O_NONBLOCK to the open options in pppd and
> had good results : I can connect to the remote host and ftp etc ...

[other stuff omitted]

> Is it normal that I have to mod the pppd (and chat) program or have I a problem
> with my com port ?
> Is there a other solution ?

Actually, I didn't have to modify my pppd or chat at all in order to
make this work (although I did modify my chat in order to allow
per-character pauses to slow it down a little -- seemed to be necessary
for one of my modems).  

Instead of changing PPP, I use the following commands in my script used
for setting up the link:

    # start up the link
    stty -f $pppdev clocal && \
    pppd connect \
	"stty -f $pppdev cs8 -echo speed $pppspeed clocal crtscts ignpar \
		-parenb -tostop -icrnl -ixon -ixany -imaxbel -brkint && \
	chat -p 100 -f $systemchat -v && \
	stty -f $pppdev -clocal" $pppspeed $pppdev

	$pppdev is (for example) /dev/tty03
	$pppspeed is the desired speed for the connection
	$systemchat is the name of the chat file for contacting the
		remote system.
	"stty -f $pppdev clocal" puts the line into local mode; only
		required because I'm sharing the line with uugetty.
	and "chat -p 100" tells my version of chat to insert a 100ms
	delay between characters.

I'll be happy to provide the patches for chat if anyone is interested.

I plan to post the patches to make getty into uugetty in a separate message.
Using uugetty allows kermit, pppd, uucp, and normal dialin use over the
same modem.

Best regards,
Terry Moore