Subject: Re: AMD DX4/100 ok w/ NetBSD
To: Ty Sarna <>
From: Luke Mewburn <>
List: port-i386
Date: 03/23/1995 08:07:05
> I'm looking at putting together a NetBSD system around a ASUS SP3G and
> an AMD 486DX4/100. It's been awhile since I built a PC system (last time
> a 33MHz 386 was considered fast), so I want to make sure I'm not making
> a mistake. Is there anything I should be wary of about this CPU or AMD
> 486 clones in general? Any problems with NetBSD in particular?

I'm running an ASUS SP3G with an AMD 486dx-40 (running @ 33MHz; that's
the highest speed of the system bus), and it runs and runs and runs.
Fast that is. :)

> I guess the fact that I know nothing bad about AMD CPUs and some bad
> things about Intel CPUs but still feel uncomfortable buying a non-Intel
> CPU just goes to show how successful Intel's FUD campaign is :-)

Funny, since they're (intel) the crowd that was caught out in the end.
I wish the "intel inside is better" thing had backfired more on them though.

Seriously though, I've had an AMD 486dx40 since they were released,
with nary a problem. Sure, the occasional reboot, but I've _always_
been able to attribute them to other things (like known flaky drivers
at that time, etc). I haven't heard any bad reports of the AMD dx4/100
series either. And AMD have a good rep for making chips in general
(CPUs, ethernet, etc, etc, etc.)