Subject: Excuse my stupidity, but . . .
To: None <port-i386@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Max Bell <>
List: port-i386
Date: 03/20/1995 11:24:21
I have a couple of questions that I haven't been able to answer by reading the
email exchanges on this mailing list:

1.  How can I mount the DOS partition of my Adaptec-connected HD (/dev/sd0)
    under NetBSD-1.0?  From what I've read, one needs to set up an entry in
    the disklabel for the DOS partition and have it begin one track's worth
    of sectors into the partition.  I have tried this based on both the "true"
    geometry and the 64/32/512 pseudo-geometry and in both cases I get the
    error "device not configured" from "mount -t msdos -r /dev/sd0d /mnt".
    The MS filesystem option is configured into the kernel and I can mount
    MS-DOS floppies as normal.  Since I also get this error when trying to use
    "fdisk" and it is trying to open "/dev/rwd0", I am wondering if it is
    adapter related?

2.  How does one setup a SLIP connection between two systems using just the
    "slattach" command?  I have successfully setup a connection using kermit
    to dialup a site, logging into a "sliplogin" shell account, and using
    "ifconfig sl0" to configure the interface, but I am lost on how one would
    set things up using solely "slattach".

Any help with either of these questions would be greatly appreciated.