Subject: Re: Summary & followup: Questions/problems trying a first-ever install
To: Greg Earle <>
From: Curt Sampson <>
List: port-i386
Date: 03/16/1995 10:57:44
Greg Earle writes:

> But I should make sure to
> use sectors instead of cylinders when partitioning, to make sure I don't
> screw myself (or trash DOS, which will make the owner really unhappy  (-: )

Actually, I just did an install giving the information in cylinder
boundaries on a translated disk (using the translation "cylinders," of
course) and it worked just fine. I would suspect that cylinders would
be safer simply because it reduces the chances of you making an error
through punching things into your calculator.

> 	device ed0 at isa? port 0x280 irq 9  iomem 0xd0000
> 	device ed1 at isa? port 0x250 irq 9  iomem 0xd8000
> 	device ed2 at isa? port 0x300 irq 10 iomem 0xcc000
>     Since my card is at port 0x340 and IRQ 5, it can't be used unless I
>     either re-jumper it (yikes) or get someone to build me a 1.0 GENERICAHA
>     kernel with a changed "ed0" config entry that matches my hardware.

Changing the jumpers is dead easy. Unforutnately, you *can't* change
the jumpers on an NE2000 (at least, any NE2000 I've seen) to match any of
these because you can only use irqs 2-5 (2 == 9 for NetBSD) and ports
0x300, 0x320, 0x340 and 0x360. Perhaps the default kernel should be
changed in the next release to fix this.

Iomem doesn't seem to make any difference at all.

> (3) What I'd *really* like to do - and I'm surprised there's not a method for
>     doing this - is to get the "main" installation files out of an MS-DOS
>     partition...

I just did this last week-end. It's dead easy. Set up your disk and
toss in an entry in your disklabel for the DOS partition (remember to
start it one track *after* the start of the partition) and then:

	mount -r -t msdos /dev/sd0h /mnt

(assuming you used partition h). Then just cd into the appropriate
directory under mnt, do a Set_tmp_dir and an Extract and you're done.
This should probably be mentioned in the install docs.

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