Subject: NCR PCI SCSI driver's status
To: None <>
From: Tsuyoshi TADA <>
List: port-i386
Date: 03/15/1995 19:12:08
In message <>, 
"Wayne Berke <>" writes:

> In message <>, "Michael L. Van
> Loon -- Iowa State University" writes:
> > However, I can't have the machine dieing every day with disk problems.
> > Does this sound like anything anyone else has dealt with, and maybe
> > fixed?  Urgent help would be much appreciated!  If there have been
> > fixes since 1.0, I'd be happy to hear about them.  I haven't been able
> > to follow the NetBSD lists much for the last month.
> Mike, remember this letter from last month?  Have you tried any of the more
> recent fixes to the ncr code?  Wolf has been doing a lot of work recently
> and just now fixed a serious bug I had with contention between the CD and
> disk for the scsi bus.  If you like I can send you the newest patches.
> Do you still have the 1.0 files?

Today, I have updated my source tree and I found the following RCS
/*	$NetBSD: ncr_reg.h,v 1.4 1994/12/28 19:44:31 mycroft Exp */
/*	$NetBSD: ncrstat.c,v 1.6 1995/01/27 05:44:31 cgd Exp $	*/
/*	$NetBSD: ncr.c,v 1.12 1995/02/01 09:32:45 mycroft Exp $	*/

Could someone tell me whether these codes include any fixes mentioned
by Wayne?  If not, would someone send me the latest code for ncr?  I
can't test them now because I don't have any PCs with PCI bus.  But
I'm going to buy one, so I'd like to use the latest driver to
avoid getting troubles.

Any form, full source files or patches (for 1.0 or -current), would
be appreciated.
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